In the last decade use of plastic has increased tremendously mainly because of it’s convenient usage, one time use, attractive packaging and affordability. But it has taken a toll on environmental resources, human & animal health and also issues like Global Warming.

KRS as an industry has always focused on how it can become & grow as an Eco friendly industry. Now we can proudly say that KRS has become India’s leading suppliers in the Haulage & Recycling Industry sectors and it aims to cater to the Middle-East, South- East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.
Our vision is to become one of the largest producer of high quality  Recycled Rubber Wheels and Recycled Plastic. We as an industry can proudly call ourselves a professional and experienced company in the field of recycling  Rubber and Plastic.

Our company philosophy is based on a long standing tradition of focusing on environment which means that KRS always works within the framework of the most up-to-date recycling procedures.
KRS Rubber Wheels are tested under DIN EN 840-5. KRS gives quality assurance to fulfill customer requirements. Our extensive experience in all sectors coupled with our highly-qualified staff enables us to be able to develop individual solutions and improvement suggestions for our customers.